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I'm proud to announce one of my most exciting and challenging projects to date.  My memoir, "Memories Are Made of This", is available now at a bookstore near you.

“I have to say I loved reading what Deana wrote—maybe because she bit the bullet, she was courageous, up-front, tenacious, and so totally forthright. I read it with tremendous pride and love, and I know other readers will feel the same emotions I felt. I love this author for a myriad of reasons, but especially for how she has honored my partner.”

—from the Foreword by Jerry Lewis

"A wonderful book... I laughed and cried."

Carol Burnett

"A revealing story about a very public, very private man whom few really knew and even fewer understood, who was loved by the world. A story that can only be written by an adoring daughter."

Dennis Farina

"Beautifully written... amazingly candid and revealing. Deana Martin is a lady of remarkable courage and honesty."

Robert Loggia

"Having played Deana's dad on film, and being a dad myself, I can doubly appreciate the love and personal insight she has brought to Memories Are Made of This, the wonderful biography of one of the world's greatest entertainers."

Joe Mantegna